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The Frequency of the Fast



Have you ever wondered what it looks like to tune your life to the voice of almighty God? Louie Giglio takes us to the Pool of Bethesda to remind us that no matter how loud the crowd gets, we can always turn our ears to the sound of our creator and savior.

Key Takeaway

Fasting is more about an attitude than just actions, and it starts with an attitude of increasing altitude and being attuned to God's wavelength.

Analogous to a symphony, where all the instruments tune to the middle A played by the first chair oboe, being attuned to God's wavelength is essential for a harmonious life.

Fasting is about tuning our lives to the frequency of the Spirit, the Word, and the voice of Jesus. Just as in a symphony, everyone plays a different part, but in the same frequency; fasting aims to align our lives with the same frequency of the spiritual realm.

In John 5, Jesus went up to Jerusalem for a Jewish festival and encountered the pool of Bethesda. Disabled people surrounded this pool, waiting for an angel of God to stir the waters for a miraculous healing. Among the many disabled, there was an invalid who had been waiting for 38 years and had difficulty getting into the pool. Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well, and instead of helping him get into the pool, he offered a better solution. He tells the man to get up, pick up his mat, and walk without entering the pool.

The purpose of Jesus' healing is not just to save or free people but for the bigger purpose of showing God's glory.

The Jewish leaders began to persecute Jesus for doing these things on the Sabbath. In his defense, Jesus mentioned that he and his Father are always at work and can only do what he sees his Father doing. Jesus implied that the Jewish leaders are connected to a different frequency, likened to the devil, as opposed to his connection to God, as seen in John 8. In John 12, Jesus expressed that he does not speak on his own but only what the Father commands.

Jesus emphasizes the importance of tuning into the will of the Father by doing and saying what he sees and hears from Him. He clarifies that he does not act or speak on his own but rather in complete alignment with the Father's will.

To achieve this alignment, Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray and fast, seeking to be in tune with God's voice and will. We need to be on the same wavelength as God's purposes and plans, and fasting should be practiced as often as one wants to be in tune with God. We have to get to the place where you can hear the oboe; hear the frequency.

Spirituality doesn't happen by proximity, as evidenced by the story of Jesus and the woman with the medical condition. Despite being near Jesus, the disciples did not understand the spirituality Jesus offered. The woman was healed by having the faith that she would be healed by touching Jesus' robe, demonstrating the power of spirituality. Jesus' ability to perceive the woman's touch and know who had touched him was attributed to his connection with God through prayer.

The story emphasizes the distinction between physical proximity and spiritual connection with Jesus.

Kingdom Agent - someone in tune with God and the Spirit and can hear and understand things others may not be able to.

God invites people to a gathering or process, a voice, and a frequency. The frequency of God includes the four words: desire, carve, focus, and follow.

1.) Desire to be on God's wavelength.

  • The longing to have a deeper connection with God and to be more attuned to spiritual matters.
  • Sound waves are used in ultrasound to see things like babies in a mother's womb and can be heard at frequencies beyond human hearing.
  • We can desire to be so in tune with God that we can hear his voice clearly and be sensitive to the Spirit.

2.) Carve out space to be still.

  • He is taking the time to be still and listen to the voice of God to gain confidence and understanding of his purposes.
  • Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

3.) Focus your attention on the spiritual world.

  • It is being attentive to the spirit world and being open to receiving guidance and revelation from God without being distracted by mere proximity to spiritual things.

4.) Follow the promptings of the Spirit through the Word.

In Revelation 7:9, John saw a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language worshiping around the throne of God, wearing white robes and holding palm branches. This vision indicates that all people will gather to worship God, fulfilling the prophecy that God will be exalted among the nations and on the earth.

This passage emphasizes the importance of being attentive to spiritual things and being able to relate to people on Earth while also being connected to the spiritual realm. It highlights the coexistence of the earthly and heavenly realms and the need to be in tune with God's wavelength.


Proximity is not equal to spirituality.

Louie Giglio

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Louie Giglio

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