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Seeds of Revival



Brad Jones shared the story of the Woman at the Well to highlight the possibility that surrounds us in the people who are eager for hope, forgiveness, and salvation. “Open your eyes,” says Jesus. The fields – our spheres of influence – are ripe for harvest.

Key Takeaway

May we be... "a people most concerned with the spiritual sustenance God provides for us. A people who are asking God and believing Him for the harvest. A people willing and eager to share their story so the world can hear what Jesus has done for us."

The Seeds of Revival are:

  1. Hunger (John 4:27-34)
  2. Prayer (John 4:35-38)
  3. Urgency (John 4:39-42)


"What we need more than anything is to know God and to be a part of what He is doing."

Brad Jones

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • John 4:27-42
Brad Jones Passion City Church Atlanta is pastored by Brad Jones. Together, he and his wife Brittany have been a part of the Passion Movement for over a decade helping carry the heartbeat of Passion Conference and Passion City Church. They live in Atlanta with their two children, Caleb and Addy.