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Remember Jesus



As we run through life, our circumstances are constantly changing. Sometimes it will feel like the wind is at our back, but often it will take everything in us to not give up when the obstacles seem too great. This week, we are led by our Passion Students Coordinator, Landon Lacy, who brings an encouraging message about how we can focus our gaze on Jesus to help us endure the difficulties of life!

Key Takeaway

There is power in remembering Jesus.

  1. Remember His beauty and who He is. We're going 100mph and not stopping to see the beauty. We're distracted, and we see Him as a blur. He possesses perfect power and purity, and He deserves our adoration. He reigns and rules and is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, coming back to rescue us. He is the lion and the lamb.
  2. Meditate upon the benefits that Jesus has acquired for you. In Him, you have forgiveness of your sins, the right to be called a child of God, and you have the hope of resurrection. These three benefits answer the problems of being human: shame, loneliness, and hopelessness.
  3. Believe in Him. Every encounter with Jesus comes down to belief or disbelief.


"If we remember Him, then maybe we can find purpose in the pain, and we can find strength to keep going."

Landon Lacy

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

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Landon Lacy Coordinator of Passion Students at Passion City Church, Washington D.C.