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Jesus Stories



This week, we’re joined by Pastor Brad Jones from our house in Atlanta, who brings an encouraging message about Jesus’ first miracle and challenges us to ask ourselves: what kind of story am I telling about Jesus with my life?

Key Takeaway

We are called to be obedient, give God our whole lives, not grow numb to His power, and be servants.

  1. Be obedient. As we wrestle with God's will for our lives, there is space to invite Him into our daily decisions. There is joy in being obedient because His ways are good.
  2. We are called to give God our whole lives. We give Him the few things we trust Him with but withhold our hearts. We compartmentalize instead of filling the jar of water up to the brim.
  3. We must not grow numb to the power of Jesus.
  4. Be a servant. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. We are called to follow in the way of Jesus.


"I get to participate in the miracles, but I can't perform the miracles."

Brad Jones

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • John 2:1-11
Brad Jones Passion City Church Atlanta is pastored by Brad Jones. Together, he and his wife Brittany have been a part of the Passion Movement for over a decade helping carry the heartbeat of Passion Conference and Passion City Church. They live in Atlanta with their two children, Caleb and Addy.