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Engaged: How To Know That You Know



How do you know that you’ve met the person you’re supposed to spend your life with? What are things we should see in a relationship that give us this confidence? Continuing our Single, Dating, Engaged, Married collection, Ben Stuart gives us specific things to look for as you evaluate whether or not a relationship should continue on to engagement

Key Takeaway

Jesus loves us and forgives us regardless of our faults and past. When seeking a spouse, we must seek someone who loves us the same as this. The image of Jesus and the church is our motivation to love someone to the depths and forgive them as Christ has forgiven us.

How do you know you’re ready to marry someone?

1.    There is excitement!

2.   You are improved by their company.

3.   There is new life.

4.   There is resolve to stay.

5.   Ready for commitment even when it is hard.

6.   There is effective communication.

7.   Survive a moment of confession.

8.   Share your story. It signals that you trust them with it.

9.   Approval from your community.


“To want to be married is to want to be fully known. You want someone to know you down to the depths and love you fully anyway.”

Ben Stuart

Discussion Questions

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Ben Stuart Ben Stuart is the pastor of Passion City Church D.C. Prior to joining Passion City Church, Ben served as the executive director of Breakaway Ministries on the campus of Texas A&M. He also earned a master’s degree in historical theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Donna, live to inspire and equip people to walk with God for a lifetime.