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Who to Date



Ben Stuart continues our collection on relationships with a message about dating. It is not a status we sit in — it is a process we walk through! Dating exists for the purpose of evaluating whether or not you are supposed to run alongside a person for the rest of your life. In the process of evaluation, Ben Stuart challenges us to consider how we view dating: do we look at it with a consumer mentality or a companion mentality?

Key Takeaway

Before pursuing marriage we must first know the one who loves us most –the Lord. While running after the Lord, we are able to truly evaluate dating with a godly lens. Setting our gaze on the thrown while searching for someone to spend our lives with ensures a relationship and life filled with a passion to glorify God.

Dating is a season of evaluation.

1.   Today when dating, we often take a consumer mentality instead of a companion mentality.

2.   Consumer mentality assumes that you actually know what you want.

Who to date…

1.   Someone pursuing the same cause.

2.    The most important thing about someone is what they think about God.

3.   Someone who has a Godly character.

4.   They have a source of integrity and wisdom from the Lord.


“Dating exists for evaluation. It is not a status we sit in, it is a process we move through.”

Ben Stuart

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Ben Stuart Ben Stuart is the pastor of Passion City Church D.C. Prior to joining Passion City Church, Ben served as the executive director of Breakaway Ministries on the campus of Texas A&M. He also earned a master’s degree in historical theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Donna, live to inspire and equip people to walk with God for a lifetime.