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What is God’s Will for My Life?



As we approach the end of 1 Thessalonians, Paul offers the church three directives on how to live according to the will of God: rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances. But if we want the power to be able to live our lives this way, we need a great perspective of God and his providence. We are excited to be led through this passage by Thomas Barr!

Key Takeaway

God wants you to be joyful, prayerful, and grateful.

  1. Rejoice. Your joy should stand out. Our joy is to be expressive because it's informed. Joy is the result of the Gospel. Joy is the product of the Good News of grace coming into your life. We can rejoice always because our source is unmatched.
  2. Pray. Prayer acknowledges our dependence but it also assumes He's present. There isn't a place or a time we can go to where God isn't there. To fail to pray is not to do some religious rule. To fail to pray is a failure to see that God is God. It's to be blind to the reality of God. Prayer does not force God's hand, it acknowledges that God is God. Prayer, in essence, is not an arrangement of words—it's a constant God consciousness.
  3. Give Thanks. The power of gratitude comes from our source. Thanksgiving will ultimately take us to the throne. It's an active conclusion to God. We can be thankful horizontally, but it ultimately leads us to be thankful vertically. We can't base our thanks on things. His goodness and steadfast love goes back into your past and your future.


"God's will for your life is that in every moment if He's working, if he's over it, if He's powerful, then you would spend your whole life rejoicing in the story He's writing, you'd spend your whole life praying to Him because He's the one in control, He's the one who has all power, and you'd spend your whole life giving thanks in every circumstance."

Thomas Barr

Discussion Questions

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Thomas Barr Thomas Barr works on staff at Passion City Church D.C., helping form the local church spiritually through teaching and written content. He also studies Historical Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. His favorite things are friends and books.