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The Fullness of Life



“The fullness of life is only found in Jesus.”

Brett Younker joins us for Summer in the City night one with a powerful message on fulfillment. As we look to the things of this world to satisfy our every desire and make us feel whole, he reminds us that Jesus alone can fill us and that He is always enough.

Key Takeaway

God has already given you everything you need. You can stop trying to pick up other things along the way to give you the answers you're looking for and instead grab onto Jesu, who is the fullness of everything you're searching and desiring.

  1. Paul wants you to have a deep understanding of who Jesus is so you're able to discern truth and make decisions. It's a prayer for a continuing filling from God. The more you know God, the more you will have alignment with God. You can have hope because of the future promise.
  2. There's an inward change with an outward expression.
  3. God gives you strength and patience to endure pain and suffering.
  4. You would be giving thanks if you are transformed.
  5. Jesus is all you need. Ask God for wisdom and seek it within His Word rather than looking outside of scripture. We look to things, people, or labels to fill us instead of looking to Jesus.
  6. The things we use to enlighten us are actually the things that weigh us down.
  7. These philosophies don't deny Christ, but they do try to dethrone Christ in your life.
  8. God wants to bring clarity to your confusion.
  9. You don't move on from Jesus to something else.
  10. We can see the growth of a tree because of the fruit it bears, and we can be rooted and secure in our faith.


"When you come to that realization that you are not enough and that you do have a need, Jesus says 'I am enough, and I can fulfill everything that you need.'"

Brett Younker

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Scripture References

  • Colossians 1:1-14
Brett Younker Brett Younker is a pastor, worship leader, and songwriter at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. His heart is to help people see and know Jesus in a real way through preaching, teaching, music, or just hanging out. Over the last decade, Brett has helped carry the heart of Passion Music and the Passion Movement to the world, calling a generation to live for the glory of God. Brett has helped write many songs the Church is singing, including “Build My Life,” Fall Like Rain,” Christ Our King,” God, You’re So Good,” “Holy Ground,” “Worthy of Your Name,” and many others. He also hosts a podcast called Jesus Songs that explores the stories of some of the songs we sing each week in church. Brett and his wife, Aynsley, have three kids and a dog named Sgt Pepper.