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The End of the World Pt. 1: The Coming of Christ



Ben Stuart is back as we continue through 1 Thessalonians!

Ben Stuart shows us some of the major implications that the future coming of Jesus has for how we live and grieve in the present. Because of the resurrection, we have a confident hope that one day he will return and make things right!

Key Takeaway

The difference between Christians and the rest of the world is while we grieve, we grieve with hope.

  1. We have hope—a confident expectation that good is coming our way—in tandem with grief.
  2. We will beat death because He beat death.
  3. He said He would see to it personally. He's not sending someone else.


"The Christian has confidence in the future anchored in a past reality."

Ben Stuart

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

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Ben Stuart Ben Stuart is the pastor of Passion City Church D.C. Prior to joining Passion City Church, Ben served as the executive director of Breakaway Ministries on the campus of Texas A&M. He also earned a master’s degree in historical theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Donna, live to inspire and equip people to walk with God for a lifetime.