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The Chain of Our Past



For a lot of us, the thing that’s keeping us from living fearless and free is that we are chained to the past.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”
2 Corinthians 5:17

The enemy will attempt to use the chain of our past to keep us from fully stepping into the freedom that Jesus is offering. Our past is much more of a weapon to be used to tell the story of who Jesus is than it is something that we should be ashamed to talk about. The invitation to freedom and empowerment is on the table. Let go of the chain of your past and step into it.

Key Takeaway

God knows everything about your past and He still loves you and has a future for you. He loves you too much to leave you in your past, He's called you to a changed and greater life.

4 Tents of our past that keep a hold on us.

1) Failure- something you failed at in the past, but the shame and guilt of it is in the present.

2) Disappointment- something or someone let you down. Maybe you cried out to God and all your prayers were seemingly unanswered, the issue was not resolved.

3) Wounds- something, someone, or you did something to you that left a mark mentally, emotionally, or physically.

4) Loss- people or things, innocence, or dreams that are gone and you can't get it back.

Remember what God says in Jeremiah 29:11. He has plans for us, for hope and a future.

How can we walk free?

  • God has a freedom plan for you, to be Home with Him, to have peace with Him, to give you back what the enemy has taken.
  • John 4:1-26
  • There is a cultural and racial clash between Jews and the Samaritans, but Jesus ignores all of that. He is a Jewish man talking alone with a Samaritan woman, but He engages with her anyway because He knows He can give her what she needs - living water and eternal life. As soon as she realizes He knows more than she's revealed, she starts scrambling, trying to divert. Jesus directs her back to worshiping in spirit and truth. He unveils everything for her and she believes. Her life permanently, radically, and gloriously changed at that well. She is revered as a martyr in the early Church for how she influenced others by her changed life.

How do we get free from our past?

  • By the way, we pray. How you lean into God (prayer) and lean away from the voice of the world (fasting) helps break those chains.

1) Face up to and embrace your past.

  • Forgetting your past doesn't work. You can't forget it, it's YOURS. It's a part of YOU. You don't have to like it or accept what happened as acceptable, but you do have to embrace that it is part of YOUR story. You try so hard to get away from the past that you end up in a cycle of the past. Jesus could have stated immediately that He was the Messiah, but He didn't, He knew she wouldn't go forward until she went backward.
  • God is always moving us towards the future, but He appreciates what was so there can be an embrace of what is to come. The Old Covenant/Testament was all about daily rituals and sacrifices. The New Covenant/Testament is about walking daily in the finished work (sacrifice) of Jesus Christ. See 2 Corinthians 5:17.

2) Constantly consider the Cross of Christ

  • Devote all you can to understanding the Cross's power and meditate on it, to fully grasp all that was won on it. All the guilt and shame that holding you back is on the Cross. All the betrayal, abandonment, abuse, agony, death, everything you've done, and everything that's been done to you is on the Cross. Jesus endured it all. Contemplating it catapults you out of the past and lifts your view off yourself and up to He who is triumphant.
  • Revelation 5
  • Don't ignore Revelation because it's "weird". Heaven is hard to explain. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived what God has in store for those He loves.
  • There's a scroll with 7 seals and no one can take it and break them, which is a problem because it's the unfolding of the end of the ages, the climax of God's redemptive plan where He's going to banish Satan to Hell forever and lift us up to be with Him. Everyone is weeping because no one is worthy to open the scroll - until the Lamb, Jesus, who was slain for us came forward and took it. Then, the weeping turned to a new song of His praise and our story of redemption. He was slain and we will reign. The past of Jesus launches us into our future with Him. He's worthy because of His sacrifice, not just because He's God. We'll be telling stories of how He overcame for us.

3) We walk with a God who is writing a new chapter of our story every day.

  • The best part about the past is it's the past. You made it. You made it through more than you ever realized you could because every day Jesus turns the page and writes your story.

4) Use the past as fuel to defeat the enemy works in your life and the lives of others.

  • God is a redeemer and He takes what the enemy did against us and will use it against the enemy, but He'll only do that if you let Him. If you are willing, let Him use your past rather than hide it. There's a lot that you've come through that God wants to use.

John 4:39 - Many came to know Jesus because of the woman's testimony of "He told me everything I ever did!" meaning 1) He knew everything and 2) instead of judging her past, He called her to a future.

Are you scared He is going to find out everything you've ever done? He already knows and He loves you anyway. He loves you too much to leave you in the past, He's calling you to a changed and greater future.

Let God use your past to bring freedom to others.


"The past of Jesus launches us into our future with Him."

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • John 4
  • Revelation 5
Louie Giglio

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