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No Deal



We need to say ‘no deal’ to the enemy because we’ve already said yes to the glorious savior, Jesus Christ, and we have given our hearts and our lives over to him. Earl McClellan teaches us to avoid the shortcuts we may be tempted to take in life and instead fix our eyes on the Savior for the long haul, giving Him all of us.

Key Takeaway

The enemy can offer us fickle things to satisfy us temporarily, but God is the only one deserving of our full affection and our entire life.

Many of us have faced the temptation to take shortcuts when faced with difficulties in life.

When we show up to church every Sunday and leave the party early, it can be easy to convince ourselves that it's okay to slip into sinfulness and justify it by looking at the sins of our friends that seem greater.

Earl McClellan flips to Matthew chapter 4 and reminds us of our perfect Savior who was tempted after 40 days of fasting and still did not succumb to the lie the enemy was trying to sell him—that he would be king if he satiated his hunger with the things of this world. Jesus knew that He was already the King of Glory.

The enemy is offering us plastic rings—fame, popularity, riches, etc. in exchange for our lives. Meanwhile, the Lord offers us a crown and adoption into His royal family as a son or daughter if we would give Him our whole lives.

We are challenged to say "no deal" to the devil, remembering the deal we made with God, the one who has pursued us from the very beginning.


"Would you go ahead and get your eyes so fixated on the beauty and the majesty of the cross of Jesus Christ that you'll no longer accept the petty rings and "plastic-ness" of this world?"

Earl McClellan

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Scripture References

  • Isaiah 36:1-8
  • Isaiah 36:14-17
  • Matthew 4:1-9
Earl Mcclellan Founder and lead pastor of Shoreline City Church based in Dallas, Texas