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Born out of the song INDESCRIBABLE, written by Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio, this talk was first delivered on the Indescribable Tour in October 2005. Since then, it has become one of the most widely shared talks in modern Christian culture, reaching more than 1 million views & downloads.

The heavens are telling the glory of God, and their expanse declares the work of His hands.

Night after night, they remind us of just how small we are and how huge God is. Looking out into the far reaches of the universe, we find a seemingly infinite expanse of mystery and wonder, intricately fashioned by a God of unfathomable size and power. Just a glimpse of one of the billions of visible galaxies He has formed resizes us, shrinking us and the world we call home to seeming insignificance instantly. But as tiny as we may seem, the God who knows every star by name also knows yours and mine.

And in the most stunning rescue imaginable, God sent His Son to this spinning planet we call home–the Creator reconnecting us to Himself with life that never ends.

Key Takeaway

Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God's universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace.

1.) We are small.

  • Many of us can get caught up in our own lives, tricked by the fall and the lie that we are the most important thing in this world.
  • Through the many different views of the stars, planets, and galaxies lightyears away, we are reminded of just how small we are in comparison to the universe.

2.) As tiny as we are, we are known and prized by Majesty.

  • As we zoom out even further from the darling of astronomy, we see the image of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ come up on the screen.
  • He was sent for us, He loves us, and He knows us, even though we are teeny tiny, little bitty people on a little bitty speck, floating through the vast cosmos that He has made.
  • He not only knows our names, but He knows every hair on our heads.

3.) God freely gives and demonstrates astronomical grace.

  • The same God who created the universe created you and me and then showed His love, mercy, and compassion for us by dying on a cross for our sins.
  • God holds the entire universe in the palm of His hand, and He is holding you. His grace is big enough and strong enough, and we can rejoice in His goodness even in the darkness.

4.) We can trust Him because of all that we have seen through His creation.

  • We are tethered to the same God who has created the vastness of the cosmos, and the universe is proof alone that God is worthy of our trust and deserving of our praise.

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • Psalm 19:1-2
  • Genesis 1:1-5
  • Psalm 8:3-4
  • Philippians 2:6-8
  • Psalm 103:8-12
Louie Giglio

Global Pastor

Louie Giglio Louie Giglio is the Visionary Architect and Director of the Passion Movement, comprised of Passion Conferences, Passion City Church, Passion Publishing and sixstepsrecords, and the founder of Passion Institute.