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In All Things, God Works



Louie Giglio joins us for another week of Epicenter, picking back up in Romans chapter 8 and showing us how God uses our present sufferings for good.

Key Takeaway

We will face many sufferings on this earth, but we can rest knowing that God uses all our pain for our good and His glory.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

1.) What are the "all things"?

Romans 8:17-18. The "all things" are our present sufferings. The moment we share in His glory, we won't look back at the world and our sufferings. What's ahead of the believer is so stunning that we cannot even comprehend the goodness of what is to come. It doesn't mean the present isn't suffering; it means that what's coming does not compare to what we're experiencing now. In the present sufferings/blessings, God works.

2.) Who are the "those who love him"?

Romans 8:28-30. Those who have been called according to His purpose, and those He predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son. God knows beforehand and has predetermined. How do we know if we're one of the ones God has predestined? Well, did you answer the call? Are you in Christ? (Romans 8:3-4). We are not graded on the curve but on the cross.

3.) What is the "good in all things"?

Romans 8:16-18. The good that can come from our present sufferings is future glory. This glory won't be revealed in the future; it's revealed in us. Your future isn't an upgrade; it's that you will share in the glory of Christ. In all things, we do not lose heart. We may lose riches, friendships, loved ones, jobs, etc. But we won't lose heart. The inward is getting closer and closer to glory. He refers to our current troubles as light and momentary because what is to come is incomparable in glory. James 1:12 says that those who persevere trials will receive the crown of glory—the weighty crown of glorious eternal life.

What can be good about our present sufferings (all things)?

1. Our suffering allows us to experience the nearness of God in an amplified manner.

The nearness of God is my good. Psalm 34:18. It's a realization of His sustaining grace vs. the saving grace of God. We may know God or His grace, but when we face immense suffering, we begin to understand how much He can sustain us fully.

2. Our suffering is an undeniable platform by which we can boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus to a lost world.

Suffering is an undeniable platform. Many are saved through the death of another. Some people only get saved through suffering. There are few testimonies of being at the pinnacle of pleasure and success and getting saved.

3. Our suffering helps clarify what is truly important in life and eternity.

When suffering comes, the clarity comes. We understand the things that are important and the things that aren't. Without our present sufferings, we may not have the clarity to share what is ultimate with those around us.

4. Our suffering equips us to share with others in their suffering.

When people are suffering, they want to hear from people that have suffered. There is a sense that “you know,” and therefore, I can receive comfort from your encouragement. Comfort one another with the same comfort.

5. Our suffering allows us to speak true hope to those who have lost all hope.

If you let Him, He will use you.

6. Our suffering tethers us closer to God in dependence on Him.

We need to depend totally and completely on our Savior.

7. Our suffering refines us and is often the chisels that make us more like Christ.

Romans 8:29. The chisel is the suffering. Whether you move somewhere or not is not the most important prayer—it's the prayer that we are conformed to the likeness of Jesus. This is the plan.

8. Our suffering magnifies Christ greatly when in our pain, our worship is costly.

In the book of Acts, after being beaten and imprisoned, Paul was praising God at midnight, it was said that all of the prisoners were listening (Acts 16:25-26). Your worship matters on your best day, but there is power in praise that happens on the darkest day.

9. Our suffering intensifies our internal longing for our Heavenly home.

Romans 8:32.

This chapter begins and ends with the cross—its shadow looming over the entire chapter.


"What God did at Calvary, He will do for you. In the worst, He will work good."

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

  • Romans 8:28-30
  • Romans 8:16-18
  • Romans 8:3-4
  • James 1:12
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Acts 16:25-26
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