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Dr. Coe joined this collection of talks with a strong word about the intersection between faith and wisdom – the space we are designed to occupy. It is in this intersection that we properly live our lives as God intended them to be lived, leveraging our gifting and glorifying His name.

Key Takeaway

Live your life in the intersection between faith and wisdom and you will merge the gap between the plans you have for your life and the reality God guides you into.

Four Questions Toward Living in the Intersection of Faith + Wisdom:

1. Am I seeking first the Kingdom of God?

2. Am I operating in my lane?

3. Am I counting the cost?

4. Am I numbering my days?


"When we live our lives in the intersection of faith and wisdom, we understand the heart of God for our lives."

Dr. Aaron Coe

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • Psalm 90:17
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • Luke 14:38
  • Psalm 90:12
Aaron Coe Founder and CEO of Future City Now