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Single, Dating, Engaged, Married

About this collection

God has given us a specific, compelling reason for each of the four seasons of relationships: singleness, dating, engagement, and marriage. This collection of tracks and articles unlocks each season’s God-given purpose and shows you how to thrive within it.

In a society where everyone is supposedly more connected, why do people feel so lonely? Even as marriage rates decline, recent studies find the overwhelming majority of single adults still hope to get married. But how can we navigate life and love in this disconnected culture? Has social media eroded the institutions that brought us together—and the deeper emotional intimacy they provided?

Ben Stuart will help you navigate through the four stages of a relational life and show you how to look at the truths and intentions God has established for each.

As you embark on this journey, you will discover how to:

  • Use singleness to make an impact for the kingdom of God
  • Pursue dating with clarity and purity
  • Use the season of engagement wisely to prepare for marriage
  • Maximize your life as a married couple for shared ministry
  • Continually seek God and His will throughout each stage

Discover how to embrace God’s design, invest your life in what matters most, and find meaning in whatever season of life you’re in.

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married content