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People of the Fine Print

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Perhaps the most pressing question of life is: “What’s my purpose?” Or, phrased differently, “Do I matter?” If you’ve asked either of these questions, join Louie Giglio and Passion City Church in uncovering the stories of men and women with ordinary vocations whose extraordinary lives fill the pages of Scripture. Tabitha, Priscilla, Aquila, Onesimus, and Barnabas may not be names you’ve heard heralded as heroes of the Bible before, but the impact of their lives on the Church is profound, and powerful for anyone wanting to ensure their life truly counts. God has a place for you in his story, designed just for you to fill. He’s building His church on the sacrifices of many, not just the gifts and talents of a few. When we step into our role in the construction, we find ultimate purpose and meaning. With humble, willing hearts, we too can become People of the Fine Print.

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