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This is Us



None of us are on this journey around the Sun alone. 7+ Billion people share our planet, and the truth is that throughout the World, throughout your Country, and even in your Neighborhood and church, there are people who disagree with you on the matters you hold closest.

and yet… they will know us by our love.

On this journey around the Sun, we can choose to be peacemakers and uniters, people following Jesus’ lead and extending the same Grace that has been offered to us. We can be the agents of reconciliation in a World that grows more divided by the day, starting with the relationships right in front of us. This is our call, this is our opportunity, this is us.

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Louie Giglio

Global Pastor

Louie Giglio Louie Giglio is the Visionary Architect and Director of the Passion Movement, comprised of Passion Conferences, Passion City Church, Passion Publishing and sixstepsrecords, and the founder of Passion Institute.