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Protect Your Head



We live in a spiritual battle daily, but the good news is we already know the enemy’s playbook.

Camilo Buchanan, the Young Adult Ministry Leader at Passion City Church Atlanta, brings an encouraging word about the armor of God and challenges us to protect our minds from the attacks of the enemy.

Key Takeaway

Jesus handed you His helmet so that you would be protected from the schemes of the enemy; you just have to wear it.

  1. You have to believe it to put on the helmet of salvation. The gospel sustains you. You were dead in your sins, and He removed your sins by nailing them to the cross.
  2. While it may seem as if God was bound up on the cross, the procession was for the enemy's defeat.
  3. Your striving has been bound up. God paid the price so that you could cease striving.
  4. Condemnation has been bound up in the procession.
  5. Death has been bound up by the procession.
  6. He took the crown of thorns and placed it on His head while you wore His helmet of salvation.


"I've been empowered with the strength of the Lord and the power of His might. Not only does the enemy lose, but God gets the glory because the giver of the strength gets the glory for the victory."

Camilo Buchanan

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • Ephesians 6:10-18
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:8
  • Romans 8:33-34
  • Romans 8:1
  • Psalm 46:10
  • Colossians 2:13-15
Camilo Buchanan Camilo Buchanan is a speaker, writer, podcaster, and leads the Young Adult ministry at Passion City Church. He holds a Bachelors degree from Georgia State University, a masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing his Doctorate from Southeastern University. He enjoys spending his time pouring into students and leaders, writing content, working on real estate, traveling, and eating with friends & family, alongside his wife, Emily, and their puppy, Rummi.