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Faith that Captures the Attention of Heaven



“If God already knows everything, then why pray?”

Louie Giglio answers this question by encouraging our House to take heart, teaching that it moves the heart of God when prayer is bold and faith-filled. Our prayers have the power to surround His throne like incense.

Key Takeaway

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because we don't necessarily see the miracle happen in front of us that it's not happening. God is always at work. Yes, God does whatever He pleases, but He is inviting us to believe Him for the miraculous and to ask Him for the impossible.

When it comes to our prayer lives, we are living in a realm full of tension.

God knows everything, He does whatever He pleases, His plans cannot be thwarted, we know that He can move the mountain...but does He want to? Therein lies the tension, but that doesn't change the fact that God calls us to bold prayers.

He's calling us to a faith that captures the attention of Heaven. So why would we pray? Because God is inviting us to believe Him for the miraculous and ask Him for the impossible.

Luke 7:1-10- tells the story of a centurion who had a servant that was sick. He had shown favor to the Jewish community and the elders asked Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus was on His way when the centurion sent friends to say that he was not worthy to have Him in His home, but if He just spoke the word, the servant would be saved. Jesus is amazed by the centurion who believed in His authority and that with just a word, Jesus could save the life of his servant. God loves the posture of a heart of humility.

We can marvel at the possibility to amaze Jesus by our faith. The centurion understood that there is a Throne that has authority, God, the Father. He recognized that Jesus is under that authority working out His Father's will and therefore has authority as well. All He has to do is speak and something gets dispatched in the spiritual realm and things start happening. This is what amazes Jesus.

1. Great Faith Captures The Attention of Heaven.

We can cause heaven to be amazed. There are many stories of miracles, so there is an obvious tension when what we pray for doesn't come to pass. It is important to know that just because the miracle didn't happen does not mean that we didn't have enough faith, it just means that ultimately God is using that particular circumstance in a different plan.

John 12:23-28 shows how Jesus prays in two ways. He explains how one seed by itself is good, but if it chooses to go into the ground and die, it actually produces many seeds. This is a parallel of what will happen to Him. So Jesus says he can pray 1) save Him from this hour, but He knows that there is a greater plan at work, so he actually prays 2) glorify Your Name. God could have saved Jesus off the cross, but He didn't because He was working all of the madness into a different plan. Jesus knew that in God's choosing, He would glorify His Name.

2. To pray, "Father, Glorify Your Name" is the prayer that God always answers.

We should pray for the impossible and miracles being informed by a desire to advance the Gospel in the world. We don't live detached from what God's doing and then ask Him to intervene when we need Him to. We live walking in His mission and then our prayers will focus on wanting what He wants, not for our benefit, but for the glory of His Name. Again, this takes us to Acts 4:29, the believers understood God's mission, so they prayed that God would consider the threats against them and asked that He would enable them to spread the Gospel boldly.

Louie Giglio told a story of revival in (what was once) Burma after a little girl was raised from the dead after burning in a fire. God did the same thing in Mark 5:41-42, and Luke 8:54-55 when He raised Jairus's daughter. God can absolutely raise the dead. It's not His normal operating mode, but He can do it. He does it for the demonstration of His power and the proclamation of Jesus so that people will be saved.

3. Every prayer of great faith results in a miracle.

It ends up being incense at the Throne of God. What do you do when you've fasted, prayed, believed, and stepped out in faith, but the miracle does not happen? Your prayer still shook heaven. When we get to heaven, we will see the miracles that did happen that we never saw. Our faith touched the heart of Almighty God- that's a miracle. Everything can change when we focus on God and His character. It becomes a tipping point and allows us to exercise faith that ends up as incense before the Lord.

Revelation 5:6-9 speaks of bowls filled with the prayers of the saints. They rise like incense around the Throne. Our prayers are still at the Throne of God and He is working. There's no time limit on our prayers.

5 Practical Things to Remember About Prayer

  1. Don't get stuck trying to resolve the tension that if God knows everything, why do we need to pray? Just lean into the mystery and know He has invited you. That's all you need: an invitation to pray big prayers.
  2. Pray prayers that are as big as God. There is no prayer too small, but also get bold in your prayer.
  3. Don't fixate on the way God is moving; trust that He's moving.
  4. Make yourself available to pray for things that don't directly involve you. Pray for things that matter to God. Spend a lot less time informing God and the people around us. He knows all the details.
  5. Link miracle prayers to bold mission. Don't try to use God's mission to get Him to do what you want Him to do, but make sure you're connected to God's mission when you ask Him what you want Him to do.


"So what do you do when you have prayed and the miracle didn't happen? Your prayer (of faith) still shook heaven. When we get to heaven, we will see the miracles that did happen that we never saw. Our faith touched the heart of Almighty God- that's a miracle!"

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

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