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Worth the Fight



“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

We want to be men who contend for what matters most. However, most of us realize that we aren’t going to fulfill our God-designed destiny alone. That’s why we are inviting every man to find a Fight Club, a group of 3-5 men who meet together on a consistent basis to spur one another on as we fight in four areas:

  1. We want to fight for our relationship with God.
  2. We want to fight for our heart and character.
  3. We want to fight for our family (and future family).
  4. We want to fight for our brother.

After all, scripture teaches that we have a spiritual Enemy who is warring against us in each of these areas, and we are confident that a Fight Club is our best defense in the battle. These things are worth the fight.

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Scripture References

  • 2 Timothy 4:7
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12
  • Ephesians 5:25
  • James 1:13-15
  • 2 Samuel 11
  • Proverbs 27:17
Louie Giglio

Global Pastor

Louie Giglio Louie Giglio is the Visionary Architect and Director of the Passion Movement, comprised of Passion Conferences, Passion City Church, Passion Publishing and sixstepsrecords, and the founder of Passion Institute.