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Blessed to Believe



Brad Jones leads listeners by pointing to the life of Thomas – oftentimes referred to as “Doubting Thomas.”

While this may be his nickname among people who do not know his full story, we can be confident that Jesus welcomed Thomas as a skeptic who would come to believe and die for his faith.

Key Takeaway

Keep Showing Up. Make Room. Quit Hiding Your Mistakes.

Jesus told Thomas...

  1. "Peace be with you."
  2. "See my hands."
  3. "Do not disbelieve, but believe."


"Jesus did not express frustration at Thomas' doubts, He expressed love."

Brad Jones

Discussion Questions

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Scripture References

  • John 20:19-28

Further Reading

Brad Jones Passion City Church Atlanta is pastored by Brad Jones. Together, he and his wife Brittany have been a part of the Passion Movement for over a decade helping carry the heartbeat of Passion Conference and Passion City Church. They live in Atlanta with their two children, Caleb and Addy.