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A New Mindset for a Brand New Way of Life!



Continuing in our Epicenter collection, Louie Giglio shares more on Romans 8, highlighting the importance of our minds being transformed by the power of the Word rather than the pattern of the world and emphasizing the importance of knowing and understanding our identity in Christ.

Key Takeaway

We are made new in Christ and it's up to us to believe that, ultimately making the decision to transform the pattern of our minds to align with God's instead of the world.

Are you in Christ? (Romans 8:1-4)


If not, be saved. You are a free-floating. You are 100% in charge of you. But when the end comes, and a holy, righteous, perfect God obliterates sin in the world and everything connected to it, you have nothing to mediate. It's just you. When the world caves in and when anxiety and darkness come, it's just you. But the Gospel is a story of a God who loves you and knows you can't on your own, but with Christ in you, you can.

If you are in Christ, do you see yourself that way? Do you understand who you are in Christ?


You are FREE...

In Christ.

Romans 6:5 says that we were united with Christ. When we're in Christ, we receive a new position and identity.

Not only are you in Christ, but Christ is in you. (Colossians 1:27, 3:1-4)

If God is for us, who could be against us? The enemy has tried to convince us that we can't.

But you are because you're in Christ, and Christ is in you.


Things that are now true of you/about you:

  1. You are an heir and a coheir with Christ (Romans 8:17). Whatever Jesus has coming; you have coming. When Christ comes in glory, we will be with Him because we're in Him. (Colossians 3:4).
  2. You are a child of God. You have been adopted into the family as a first-born son. We have been born again spiritually, and we were chosen as children through adoption. He chose us to be in Christ before the foundation of the world. (Romans 8:15-16 & Ephesians 1:3-4).
  3. You have a Father. The Holy Spirit in us is connecting to the Son of God and the Father. The Spirit we receive keeps you from being a slave to fear. Whatever you worry about comes from the root of fear, and the antidote to fear isn't courage—it's faith that God is greater than what you're afraid of.
  4. You are filled with the Spirit (Romans 8:11).
  5. You can live free from the flesh and follow the Spirit (Romans 8:9-11).


How do we move into the reality that we can live free from the tyranny of the flesh in our lives?


A new mindset (Romans 8:5-9 & Romans 12:2). Not living according to the flesh and living according to the Spirit doesn't start with something you do—it starts with something you think. God is giving you the power the power, through Christ, to take control of your thinking. The battle for your life doesn't hinge on how strong you are, it's hinges on how good your thinking is.

We can't let anything live rent-free in our heads. We can't harbor lies, dwell on them, and expect to live out the power, freedom, and possibility that is ours in Christ.

You have a new identity, and you are no longer a slave to the thought patterns of this world. If your mind were to resemble a home in need of renovations, the sledgehammer symbolizes the good thoughts of the good Word of God, replacing the old thoughts and lies from the enemy. New countertops come from a new mindset.

Some of us have been thinking negative thoughts about ourselves for 20 years. We need to align our thoughts and actions with God's thoughts and build a new highway in our mind to replace roads we have made and believed about ourselves (Colossians 3:1-4).

You can be a child of God and still live like you're unwanted, forsaken, and left behind, afraid of everything despite having a Father greater than everything. But He says we are:


  • Loved
  • Chosen
  • Justified
  • Secure
  • Amply-supplied
  • Accomplished
  • Not forsaken
  • Healed
  • Whole
  • Victorious
  • Blessed
  • Able
  • Purposed
  • Royal
  • Spiritual
  • Led
  • Cared about
  • Holy
  • Son/daughter
  • Destined
  • Seated

We are given a brand new life and have the choice to live like it.


"God is giving you the power through Christ to take control of your thinking."

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

  • Romans 8:1-17
  • Colossians 1:27
  • Colossians 3:1-4
  • Ephesians 1:3-4
  • Romans 12:2
Louie Giglio

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