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How to Cultivate Wisdom & Curate a Worshipful Heart




In this episode of the Passion + Purpose Podcast, Louie sits down with his better half, the one and only Shelley Giglio, for a rewarding and real glimpse into their story, their heartbeat, and their pursuit of the only name that truly matters: Jesus. Shelley gives great clarity around the idea of what it means to worship God and how we can practically and tangible grow in wisdom as we deepen our pursuit of Jesus.

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Passion+Purpose Podcast

The Passion + Purpose Podcast invites you to discover how you can use your passion for the ultimate purpose—to bring God glory. Hosted by Louie Giglio, bestselling author of Don’t Give the Enemy A Seat At Your Table and Global Pastor of Passion City Church. He invites his friends from diverse spheres of life—scientists, business leaders, pastors, artists and more to spark vision on how listeners can leverage their life for what matters most.

Shelley Giglio Shelley is the Chief Strategist, Director of Label Operations and Artist Management for sixstepsrecords, co-founder of the Passion Movement, and leads The GROVE, a gathering for the Women of Atlanta.