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The Ultimate Impossibility



Heading into week three of God of the Impossible, Louie reminds us that our mindset should begin with possibility and end with the confidence of hope. God is accomplishing something in a flawed and failed world, and all we need to do is believe Him for it.

Key Takeaway

Start with possibility and know you'll never get less when you believe that He is the God of miracles, but you submit and surrender your will and plan to Him.

God is not limited by known solutions. Our mindset should start with "It's possible." God makes a way where there is no way.

Stating that "God is God of the impossible" for some reason always creates massive tension. God is more than willing to talk about it even though most don't try to understand it. It's very common to believe Him and trust Him and then face headwind, be trampled, and be left in the dust. Jesus resolves that tension.

In Acts 2:22, the word "miracle" is the same Greek word used for "possible." Peter is exhibiting the able-ness of God to exert His might in any circumstance.

Jesus was accredited to them by doing miracles, wonders, and signs. He finds Himself in a place needing a miracle, wonder, or sign and doesn't get one because God has a purpose. God's plan was signed on to by evil men. That's tension. Acts 2:24 resolves the tension; it was impossible for death to hold Jesus down.

In Luke 22:42 (ESV), Jesus, as he is praying in Gethsemane, says, "Father, if you are willing, please remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done." Pray for the possible in the impossible, but also posture yourself to say, "But nevertheless, not what I can see as the best outcome, but what You are already seeing as the best outcome, that's what I want. More than what I want; I want what you want to be done."

When you pray, nevertheless, it's never the less. His will is never less than what is best for you. He's working in the tension all the time.

What do you do in the tension?

1) God is accomplishing His will in a failed and flawed climate.

He's not just working simply outside of time, He's also working in real time that we can understand. He's working within a fabric of flaws and failing. That's why things don't instantly look like what we think they should look like. The space in which God is working is constantly failing because it's fatally flawed. He's operating inside a decaying world, accomplishing restoration plans. He chooses to work within flawed systems to accomplish His purposes.

2) God supersedes the failed and flawed climate, using the failed and flawed climate to accomplish the impossible.

In Acts 2:23, it says that Jesus was handed over to them. Not because Judas sold him out or the authorities got a tip, but because this was the unprecedented plan of God. So He actually used and partnered with the flawed climate of the day to work the impossible and supersede the failed climate. Not super practical, but super transformational.

3) Our present reality does not always affirm supernatural activity.

We don't always see it, but that doesn't mean God is not able. See John 14:11. How are we able to do greater things?

  1. Start with possibility every single time, lean into His ability, that He is the God of miracles. Yet, there are times that we pray and pray and pray, and what we pray for doesn't happen. However, in that same passage, it says to ask in Jesus' name, and it will be done. Tension. Jesus is showing us the context: He cares about all aspects and asks from the possibility, but it's not less to confidently surrender to His will. He's working in and above what we can understand, working miracles even now. Maybe the greater miracle is that we have experienced more than the believers in Acts would have ever even fathomed.
  2. Read Acts 27: 21-26. Paul did not speak to the wind and waves or go to sleep in the boat like Jesus did. He leaned into what God had told him, trusted what was possible, and surrendered His will. Side note: we want an angel to come and talk to us like Paul did, but if Paul had the Bible in his hands, he wouldn't have needed an angel. The Bible constantly says don't be afraid, God is in control.
  3. When tensions rise, the bank of Yahweh does not go under. He's secure, and everything we entrust Him with is secure.

4) Your tension will resolve in ultimate restoration.

If you place your faith in Jesus, you will be restored. It was impossible for death to hold Him. He is resurrected and proclaims the good news. He is unified with His Father, Almighty God. He is restored to His Throne, His Authority, His Power, His Crown, His foot on a stool, His robe filling the temple, His name resounding in authority.

Death cannot keep its hold on you. Your future is not decay; it's restoration.

Start with possibility and know you'll never get less when you say, "I know You're the God of miracles, but I want to submit and surrender to Your will and plan."


God supersedes the failed and flawed climate.

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

  • Acts 2:22-28
  • Acts 27:21-26
  • Luke 22:42
  • John 14:11
  • 2 Timothy 1:12
  • Psalm 16
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