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Lockstep with the King



In this message, Mike Distefano shows us the connection between worship and justice. God is on the move throughout the world to redeem people, and to know God means to move with Him.

Key Takeaway

God calls us to a life of worship, but worship is so much more than a song. Our identity in Christ and our worship of Him will cause us to move with Him into hard and difficult areas in order to rescue and redeem.

1) We have a God that is not aloof to our pain and suffering. He intervenes on our behalf. Since He is our King and who we follow, we become defined by what He defines. So, since he is the definition of justice and truth, we in turn, start to become defined by justice and truth. We find our identity in Christ alone.

Who are you? You are loved by God.

2) True worship involves action. There is a movement with worship that pleases God. He calls us to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Kingdom character always uses its power to serve others no matter the cost to ourselves.

3) True worship involves empathy. Hebrews 13:3 gives an example of remembering those bound in chains as if we ourselves were bound in the same chains. We treat others as if we were in their shoes.

4)Worship and Justice are two sides of the same coin. Worship is about knowing God and experiencing Him. To know God is to move with Him and serve where He is active. We are the people of God and we will rise and move with Him.

5) We have so much more to offer. Yes, we pray. We pray in motion. We put hands and feet behind our prayers and go where God tells us to go. As we trust God and step out into the world, we become a small picture of a cosmic reality that God has given Himself to give new life.


"As we trust God and step out into the world, we become a small picture of a cosmic reality that God has given Himself to give new life."

Mike Distefano

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Scripture References

  • Psalm 124
  • Romans 12:1
  • Hebrew 13
Mike Distefano Mike Distefano is a pastor, a student of Early Christianity, and a long-time advocate for anti-trafficking in the US and beyond. Currently, Mike is writing at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary and serves as a director for Amirah Inc., a domestic anti-trafficking organization. Mike’s heart is to see God’s love for humanity and His passion for justice reflected in the Church. Mike has degrees from Texas A&M University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Baylor’s Truett Seminary. He has pastored in Houston, TX at Faithbridge Church and with Passion City Church, D.C. as the Director of Community + Formation.