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Kingdom Come



The amount of time left on the clock should affect how you play the game.

As we read through the New Testament, we can see that numerous verses talk about “the end.” If history is all part of one big story, what do the scriptures say about the end? Ben Stuart examines what Jesus says about the topic in the Gospel of Luke, and explores the implications it has for our lives.

Key Takeaway

It's time to get ready. The Kingdom has been inaugurated and we are living in the days of grace where Jesus is calling all to Himself, but the Kingdom has yet to be consummated. He is patient and slow in his coming because He doesn't desire anyone to perish, but when He comes it will be sudden. Be ready and stay ready.

The Bible is full of passages discussing or referencing eschatology, the study of end times. Some speak of it as desire and some refer to it in dread.

It all depends on how you view Jesus.

Luke 17:20-21

The Kingdom is here because the King is here. Jesus never hides who He is or what is happening. Our deepest-held beliefs come from Jesus. He ushered it all in. In Luke 12:56, he rebukes the Pharisees for not recognizing the time they are living in. They are missing Jesus right in front of their face.

Luke 17:22-23

Jesus told His disciples "Behold the day is coming and you will desire the Son of Man." The Son of Man is Jesus's favorite name for himself. There is some mystery to it. In some passages, it means that you were simply a son of a man, but in others, the Son of Man has God's power. He presented Himself before the Ancient of Days, rode in on the clouds, and nations bowed down, but He looked like a man.

Jesus quoted Daniel 7:13-14 to the authorities which firmly state that He is the Son of Man and therefore God. This is said in the language of desire, a longing for Him.

The Kingdom has started, but its coming is slow.

Luke 17:24

Don't look in other places. He will return and when He does there is no question who He is.

Luke 17:25

Before His Kingdom comes, Jesus must suffer. See Luke 9:22, 44, and 18:32. But the disciples are confused because they were expecting a mighty conquering and Jesus constantly talks about how the Kingdom is here and is coming. See Luke 10:9, 19:11.

So is the Kingdom here now or it is coming? Jesus answer is "yes." It has been inaugurated, but it hasn't been consummated.

Jesus is justice and the Justifier, but He also gives mercy.

This is why he had to come twice. The first time, He came as the Lamb of God, the suffering servant to take sin away, because He judges evil. But He will save everyone who trusts in Him. We are living in the days of grace.

Luke 17:26-29

The Ark was a gift of grace to save. Jesus picks two distinct Old Testament passages that show God will judge. People mistook God's kindness for impotence. He is not weak, He is patient. See 1 Peter 3:20.

His return is slow, but when He comes, it will be sudden. You need to be ready.

Noah means "rest". He was named that by his father in hopes that he would bring rest from toil. Noah wasn't the Savior, but he was a picture. Enoch preceded Noah. He walked with God and was no more, God just took him straight to heaven. He was a prophet telling the people, preceding Noah, that judgment was coming and warned them to get right with God. His son's name is Methuselah, which means "when he dies: judgment". Methuselah was the longest-living human being to ever walk the planet because God is patient.

Luke 17:31-32

Don't wait until the last second to get ready. It's not enough time to prepare your heart.

Lot's wife loved the things of this world more than God. If you seek your life, you will lose it, but if you lose your like, you will find it.

Luke 17:34-35

Judgment is coming for everyone in every location. The only difference is what they did in their hearts with Jesus. There will be separation at the end that requires full surrender now.

Luke 17:37

All of us are going to die. A day of death is coming, so live now according to the King.


"The amount of time you have left on the clock should impact how you play."

Ben Stuart

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Ben Stuart Ben Stuart is the pastor of Passion City Church D.C. Prior to joining Passion City Church, Ben served as the executive director of Breakaway Ministries on the campus of Texas A&M. He also earned a master’s degree in historical theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Donna, live to inspire and equip people to walk with God for a lifetime.