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How Do You Know God is Real?



Sadie Robertson Huff addresses the desperate need for a generation to know the Word of God. After presenting the Scripture as one complete story, she reminds us that our hardship can be evidence of His faithfulness, and the character of who He is in the Word exhibits how real He is. When we face trials, we can be comforted in the generations before us, proclaiming His name and trusting that He is greater than any circumstance we may face.

Key Takeaway

When everyone turns to other Gods, we know the one true God. Stay steadfast, take heart, know the story, and pass it on.

How do we know God is real? The Bible.

When we dig deep into the story of Josiah, we are reminded of how this 8-year-old king in Judah came to power following his sinful predecessors and chose to follow the God of his ancestor, David, instead of falling into a life of sin. So, he purified the place and eventually came across the Book of the Law. 2 Chronicles 34:19 says, "When the king heard the words of the Law, he tore his robes."

Has the value and the gravity of this story been lost on us?

David's faith inspired Josiah, but it wasn't until he heard the law for himself that Josiah found his faith. It wasn't an angel appearing, fire falling from the sky, or a miracle that changed everything for Josiah; it was the discovery of the Word.

How do we know God is real? Because we know this story, and it has changed us.

There are 63,779 cross-references in Scripture; 40 different people wrote it over the span of 1500 years, and there are 300 prophecies from the Old Testament that God fulfilled in the New Testament.

Sadie gives an entire presentation of the Scripture narrative and asks the question, "Why are you scared to share the most incredible story known to man that would change anyone's life that encountered it?"

Many people give God the ultimatum of trusting that He is real only if they don't have to experience hardship or adversity. But it's in the hardships that the evidence of His faithfulness becomes so real to you that there is no denying it.

When you think of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how they were exiled and a whole generation was bowing to a king when they refused, and they were thrown in the fire, it was in the fire that the evidence of the reality that there is a God happened.

Consider Daniel. When King Nebuchadnezzar forbade him to pray to the one true God, Daniel got down on his knees to pray to God every day anyway. He was thrown into a den of lions as punishment, but God protected this loyal servant. Daniel didn't avoid hardship. In fact, it was in the den of lions that the evidence of the reality of God became so real.

How did they remain faithful in such a scary time? Because of the generations before them who made a promise to God that the story would not be lost on them. When things got bad, they remained faithful to the God their parents served, who had transformed them.

The future may be scary, but as for you and your house, you can choose to serve the Lord heart and soul.


"I might not be able to convince you that God is real, but you could not convince me otherwise because the evidence of His faithfulness in my life; the character I see in this story is the character I see in my life. Not because things are good but because He is."

Sadie Robertson Huff

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Scripture References

  • 2 Chronicles 34-35
  • 2 Kings 22:1-29
Sadie Robertson Huff Speaker, podcaster, author, and founder of Live Original