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God of the Impossible



Louie Giglio journeys through the book of Jeremiah, reminding us that God is a God of the impossible. There is loss in life on a broken planet, but even in the loss, God is working a redemption story. He encourages us to have ears to be attuned to the Word of God and to stand firm in our corner of faith, believing that God will do what He says He will do.

Key Takeaway

Over and over, scripture repeats, "Nothing is impossible with God," so even in the darkest days when all hope seems lost, you can be sure that God is working His ever-present redemption story.

Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet and he had an assignment to bring a message that wasn't really welcome by God's people. He was to tell them that because they had forsaken His ways, judgment was coming to them.

Jeremiah 29:11 is an often quoted and clung-to verse, but most people don't know the context of it. Some of the best and brightest had been taken into captivity in Babylon. They're already exiled from their own land. He's writing to a people in captivity. In 586 Jerusalem completely falls, but God has a redemption story. "God of the impossible" isn't a message of escapism or bumper sticker theology. There's real loss in life on a broken planet, but even in the loss, God is working on a redemption story.

1) No matter what your season, your story can end in restoration... because God is the God of the impossible.

Jeremiah 32

Nebuchadnezzar is building a siege ramp to overtake Jerusalem. It seems like an unconnected moment, but God tells Jeremiah to buy a field from his uncle as it is his right to redeem that land. At the very same time, Jeremiah's cousin comes to him and asks him to buy his uncle's field. In verse 15, God promises that life will be brought back to the land. In verse 17, Jeremiah recognizes and proclaims how great God is and that nothing is impossible for the Lord. Jeremiah goes on to explain what exactly is going to happen to the land and how it will be laid to waste, but regardless he will buy that field in faith, knowing God will remain true to His Word. In Verses 36-44, God repeats what He will do for their good.

2) God says that He is the God of the impossible, so stand on your corner of faith.

Jeremiah knew that the city was going to fall, but he bought the field in public to show that he believed God when He said that they would again prosper in the land. He placed the deed in a clay jar that would stand the test of time. God is always true to His Word. It's a fight of faith. It's not the size of your faith; it's the object of your faith.

The power of man changes hands constantly, and God is still seated on His Throne. He never changes. Rulers come and go, but He remains.

Not only do the people return to Jerusalem as God promised, but Jesus comes to the same place and gives His life as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of mankind, including the ones that got them into captivity in the first place, as well as the sins of the present and future. A miracle happened in that city. The tomb proved to be useless, Jesus ascended, the Spirit fell, and the Church was born in the same city—and praise God, Jeremiah has a clay jar that has signed deeds in it that says God is going to do what God said He is going to do.

3) You were created on purpose for a purpose.

Anathoth is where Jeremiah bought the field from his uncle. It's the place of his birth. Why is that a big deal? Because in Jeremiah 1:5 God tells Jeremiah that he knew him before he was born and had set him apart. God wants to take you back to your Anathoth, where He said to you before you were born...He knew you, He set you apart, and He gave you a purpose. He is true to His Word and has spoken this over you. Trust Him and take Him at His Word.


You might be in a section of life that the melody feels a little off key, but you're still in a divine symphony of God's redemption story.

Louie Giglio

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Scripture References

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  • Luke 1:37
  • Ephesians 3:20-21
  • Jeremiah 1:1-5
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